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Rebirth Coffee Concept

The new - different - way we now perceive this new reality around us, but also the need for a new beginning created trends.. ideas... but also awakened old feelings...
Strong… Primordial…
Deeply engraved on the soul of each and every one of us…
A new step…a new starting point…a new beginning…something that we are all looking for..
This power and feeling of rebirth therefore created Rebirth Coffee…
For us the creators of
Rebirth Coffee...the passion for quality coffee and drinks, the careful selection of products you will find here, and also the overall mood and atmosphere of the place, is a result of this feeling….and this need.
This philosophy is also our driving force.
The best espresso, unique single origin coffees, from all over the Coffee Belt,
... carefully handcrafted with love, along with our own special Greek style coffee.. completes the palette of flavors in our coffee section.
Feel free to ask about coffees and preparation methods, which you can enjoy both in our store and in your own space. You can also get your favorite blend for your home machine in grains or ground coffee form, but EVEN IF you don't have one and in case you would like to, ask us, let's see together how we can create….
the next home barista expert 👌
Not to be missed of course, the amazing Matcha tea, several classic tea options, as well as other aromatic infusions, all together with our natural juices that can be prepared on demand, depending on availability during the day.
In the snacks area you will find.. cereal bars and pastries in an amazing variety, delicious fresh sandwiches, vegan options both salty and sweet, stevia cookies, tahini, herbal and organic products and drinks, Chia seeds, breadsticks and GREEK nut butters (peanut/almond/hazelnut) and more, which can definitely become your Rebirth…choice of the day
For us, the idea of Rebirth Coffee triggers the spark for a new beginning...the choice for renewal and rebirth
After all, the olive branch that decorates the perimeter of the word Rebirth in our logo...has exactly this meaning.
The olive tree has been for us…and the city of Athens...since ancient times, a symbol of the Goddess Athena, a symbol of hope, along with strength, since Hercule's club was made by this, as well as wisdom since Odysseus blinded Polyphemus with such wood.
An olive branch, a biblical image from the Noah's time, is an eternal symbol of peace and hope for us all.
There are so many different meanings, which leave us a legacy that drive us forward, so that we may continue the cycle of life.


Thermopilon 1, Paleo Faliro
175 63 Athens


Phone: (+30) 210 9850777
Phone: (+30) 698 9005369